Valentines Day 2017- History and information that you have to know

Happy Valentine Day 2017: Hi, everyone here we are once again on the occasion after one year. Let’s go through the past why we celebrate what makes Valentine day a special festival.

Valentine Day 2017- past and history

Valentine Day

The valentine day is originally is known as Saint Valentine’s Day. The festival is celebrated every year on 14th of February. The festival is very popular all over the globe and celebrated in many countries. On 14th of Feb, there is no official holiday of anyone. But it’s very beautiful and full of love festival for young once and youth celebrate it with lots of joy and excitements.

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In the past the festival began on the name Christian Saint whose name is Valentinus. The contemporary of Saint Valentinus became attached with the youth for many centuries and at last it was celebrated as Valentine day every year. The festival begins one week later with Rose day followed by 5 other special day’s and at last ends with Valentine’s day on 14th February.  There are several myths are also very popular for beginning of Valentine day.

The Valentine Day is also celebrated on July 6 and July 30 in Eastern Orthodox Church on the honor of Roman Presbyter Saint-Valentine. These valentine days are initially points towards romance and love each other. Generally people from high and middle age groups celebrate it by loving their wife’s and girlfriend. People celebrate this festival in many ways, like by giving flowers, gifts and greetings etc.

Today we use heart-shaped symbol for valentine while in the beginning of 19th century handwritten Valentine’s Day are also very popular and people still prefers them on greeting cards with beautiful roses. Well on we are going to provide wide range of greeting wallpapers, SMS, Quotes and Gifts option for him & her. So, keep visiting our site and also follow us on facebook to make your valentine more special.

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